The newly launched, Selfpac3D course, “Becoming a Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) for Beginners” course is LIVE on Udemy, and has attracted more than 270 student sign-ups since its launch on 1 February 2015. A learning challenge was launched on 14th February 2015 for enrolled students. Students who completed the course requirements by 28th February 2015, 12pm GMT, were entered into a draw to win a limited number of Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) Exams.

Congratulations to Vincze Tamás and Kumaran Jeyasingam for winning the February 2015 Selfpac3D Learning Challenge.

Here are some course reviews submitted by enrolled students of the course:

“SolidWorks….on the go…as CSWA

I’m a student whom just completed my undergraduate course in IT. For me, any course must have a highly knowledgeable teacher who can motivate his or her student to excel. As such, the course instructor who is an expert in this field have put together a highly beneficial course who may want to take the CAD/CAM path as their carrier. I have learned a lot within a short period of time regarding SolidWorks. Also, the selfpac3d challenge is also a real motivator. I hope Mr. Kok will do the challenge frequently. I also would recommend this course to IT students like me.” – Kumaran Jeyasingam

“It was a really good course with very clear explanations. Ideal for beginners. It would be better put downloadable parts for older version of SW also. But thumbs up!” – Vincze Tamás

“Fantastic Course, Really for Beginners.

The content of the course was very simply explained, with good video demonstrations to guide us through. There were corresponding files uploaded with the lectures, which we can download and mirror the lecturer’s actions! All techniques needed for the CSWA were taught in this relatively short and comprehensive course.” – Rahul Vinod

“very good course !! i’m so happy i find it !! one of the best course i take in udemy !!” – Orit

Do you want to pick up SolidWorks 3D modeling skills and be certified in the process? Sign up for the course, and stay tuned for the next Selfpac3D Learning Challenge!

Chevy Kok