What’s xArm?

Business owners need to find a cost effective solution to boost productivity and product quality. Investing in the xArm is the only solution to gain a competitive advantage and have a great ROI in the future.

  • Reach
    700 mm
  • Repeatability
    0.1 mm
  • Maximum Speed
    1 m/s
  • Footprint
    Ø 126 mm

xArm 5 Lite

xArm 5 Lite is affordable and the most cost-effective robotic arm among peers, it can be widely used especially for pick-and-place task.

xArm 6

xArm 6 has a payload of 5 kg and repeat-ability of ±0.1 mm, it delivers increased dexterity and flexibility, not to mention it is the best deal you can ever get among similar products on the market.

xArm 7

xArm 7 has human-like flexibility, and it is perfect for emerging industries such as service automation, AI research, and filming etc.

Fast Setup

xArm features a universal tool mount port which allows users to install different head tools according to their needs. It comes with the most commonly used end-actuators: gripper and vacuum system to help in various tasks.

SEMs Manufacturing

A cost-effective robotic arm instantly improves the speed of operation with automation technology, the ROI will easily pay off in enhanced productivity.

Robotics Research

As an open source SDK robotic arm, xArm comes with cross-platform operationality, and the ROS components making it the most developer-friendly robotic arm.

Makers & MakerSpace

Features multiple end-actuators, xArm can speed up your prototyping process and realize your creative vision. It can be used as a desktop assistant, prototype manufacturer, and anything else you can think of.

Film Studios

Attach the camera and program it to exactly where you want it to go to capture all your difficult angle shots. Go from full speed to almost an instantaneous stop and vice versa.

Other Emerging Industries

With the human-like flexibility of xArm, automation in emerging industries is at your fingertips.

With xArm, your productivity will up by over 95%, and the investment will pay off in lower costs and increased efficiency.

Powertrain Joint

xArm features compact powertrain joint, with customized outer rotor brushless motor combined with the built-in harmonic drive with 17bit multi-turn encoders, delivering excellent repeatability when repositioning inertial loads with high gear ratios, plus high torque capability.

Fastest Processor

xArm is powered by X86 chip which is powerful enough to handle the complex controlling algorithm. With an optimized the control algorithm, guaranteeing high levels of precision for the moving parts.

Easy To Use With xArm Studio

Simply teach xArm to move and it will repeat the path for you. No coding is required. By dragging – dropping the blocks, complex path can be done in 10 mins.

Support Multiple Platform

xArm SDK include Python SDK, ROS SDK and C++ SDK. A fully upgradable software platform that can grow in capabilities to make it a lasting and worthy long-term investment.



*Ambient Temperature Range(°C) 0-50 °C*
Power Consumption(w) Min 8.4 W, Typical 120 W, Max 240 W
Input Power Supply 24 V DC, 10 A
Power Supply 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz


IP Classification IP54
ISO Class Cleanroom 5
Robot Mounting Any
I/O Ports Digital x 2 & 485 x 2


Programming PC/Mobile Graphical Interface

Python/C++/ROS Underlying Interface

Communication Protocol Self-defined
Communication Mode RS-485/Ethernet TCP-IP


Footprint(mm) Ø 126 mm
Materials Aluminium, Carbon Fiber
Tool Connector Type M5


xArm 5 Lite* xArm 6 xArm 7
Payload(kg) 2 5 3.5
Reach(mm) 700 700 700
Degrees of Freedom 5 6 7
Repeatability(mm) ±0.2 ±0.1 ±0.1
Typical Tool Maximum Speed(m/s) 0.33 1 1
Weight(kg) 8.5 9.5 11



Nominal supply voltage 24V DC
Absolute maximum supply voltage 28V DC
Quiescent power (minimum power consumption) 1.5W
Peak current 1.5A


Communication Mode RS-485
Communication protocol Modbus RTU
Programmable gripping parameters Position, speed and force control
Status LED Fault status, power
Feedback Motor Current, gripper position, video, grip detection

Suction Cup


Payload 4kg
Suction cups 5
Maximum vacuum degree -90kpa