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Presentation Design with 3D CAD (SolidWorks)

About the Course:

Level: Secondary 3/4/5 (Grade 9-11) Age: 15-17

Presentation Design with 3D CAD (SolidWorks) is a course specially created for Secondary 3/4/5 students taking Design & Technology (D&T). This course is offered both as an online self-paced learning course, as well as an instructor-led training course. This course is designed to familiarize participants with the main design processes of their Design & Technology (D&T) coursework, that can be digitized with SolidWorks 3D CAD software. The Presentation Design with 3D CAD (SolidWorks) Course is a popular, “tried-and-tested” instructor-led training, that has equipped thousands of students with the relevant skills, to create compelling Presentation Boards, and Working Drawings for their Design & Technology (D&T) coursework.

Why should I take this course?

SolidWorks 3D design software is a widely adopted, and the best-in-class 3D computer aided design (CAD) software, that is used in design, engineering, research and education fields. The software’s ease-of-use, coupled with its powerful modeling and rendering capabilities, makes it an ideal tool of choice for students studying Design & Technology (D&T) at the secondary level.

The approach delivered through this course is designed to equip students with adequate skills to utilize SolidWorks 3D CAD software to complement manual operations (e.g. hand-drawn working drawings and marker rendering). This approach is proven to save time, and allow students to focus on their design.

Highlights of the course:

By taking this course, you get to participate in a blended learning experience, which features the following benefits:

  • Self-paced learning (anytime, anywhere learning).
  • 365-day access to course materials on course website via computer, smartphone and mobile devices.
  • Blend of video instructions and hands-on practice exercises.
  • Personal issue of a student handbook for each participating student.
  • Provision of SolidWorks Student Trial Kit (STK) 60-day software to participate in self-paced learning.
  • Learn on the latest version of the SolidWorks Education Edition AY2015-16 software.

Course Curriculum:

Section 1: Introduction & Course Overvew
Section 2: Basic Part Modeling
Section 3: Intermediate Part Modeling
Section 4: Basic Assembly Modeling
Section 5: Advanced Assembly Modeling
Section 6: Creating 2D Working Drawings
Section 7: Creating Presentation Images
Section 8: Augmented Reality with eDrawings

Why am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 40 lectures and 6 hours of content!
  • Understand the SolidWorks User Interface (UI) and 3D Parametric Modeling
  • Understand how to create 2D sketches, and fully define them with dimensions and sketch relations.
  • Create multi-feature parts with Extruded and Fillet features.
  • Create axissymetric parts with Revolved and Chamfer features.
  • Create custom sketch planes.
  • Create free-form geometry with Lofted features.
  • Create model geometry with Swept features.
  • Create repeatable and symmetrical models with Patterns and Mirror.
  • Understand Bottom-Up Assembly process and constrain assembly components with mates.
  • Evaluate assemblies and modify/edit designs.
  • Create Exploded View of Assemblies.
  • Understand angles of projection and 2D working drawings creation.
  • Create assembly drawings with bill of materials, balloons, and exploded view.
  • Create photorealistic presentation image, contextual image, and images incorporating human interaction.

Course Requirements:

  • You need access to SolidWork Education Edition software (minimum SolidWorks 2014 version). The course is conducted in the SolidWorks 2015 version.
  • PC with an internet connection to view the video lectures.
  • For mobile learning, a Tablet of Smartphone with a supported web browser (Chrome, Safari).
  • Full-time students and educators, may qualify for the SolidWorks Education/Student Edition software. Please get in touch and we will advise accordingly.
  • Bulk pricing is available for qualified education institutions. Please contact us and we will provide you with more information.
  • This course is also conducted as an instructor-led course. Contact us for more information.